Five designers are challenged to break patterns in order to find new styles and methods. It starts individually with the designing of a chair each, only to be infiltrated by each other’s shapes in the following two stages. Each chair moves on to the next designer, who in turn must use 20-40% of the chair’s form elements for a new chair. Consequently, fragments, pieces and artistic expressions are inherited from the previous generation. Everything is done under time pressure and with no insight into what the others are doing. There are now three generations with a total of fifteen chairs that are related to each other. Each generation of chairs is followed by a group discussion where we reflect on: What happens to the style and design? What happens within us? What can we learn? Does it create diversity, development or conformity? And most of all: is the project of matter to question the structures within design production?

Dare we explore our inner designer? How strongly tied are we to our individual style, how is our ability to give and receive? This is an experiment and study of methods on alternative design production and how this may be one of many ways changing the designer role.The experiment started of 2018 in Stockholm and is initiated by Margot Barolo.

"Designtherapy"" the 3d session took place at Sven-Harrys Art Museum in Stockholm february 2020

Photo: Karin Björkqvist 



"But everything I try to draw comes out different than it was supposed to. Kind of wild and unbridled and wrong. I’m getting stressed out now in a way that rarely leads to anything good. But I’m also annoyed by your chair and your shapes. My pencil runs amok and doesn’t trace the pictures in my mind. And the pictures in my head right now want to put your chair in a stonebreaker."